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Virtual Open Day

3 years ago

Dear Parents

We are missing being able to invite you into our Studios terribly.  And so I decided to film the pupils in their various acting, singing and dance classes to show you how they were doing. This was taken at SOTA Reading on our first day back after Lockdown #2. You won’t believe how wonderful they are. 

The first class I watched (which is the first class you will see in the film), made me burst into tears with pride. I sobbed to the kids, telling them how they amazed me so much, that I was blown away that they could dance so well having been on lockdown for so long – a testament to how they all worked so hard online – not to mention the hard work of our wonderful teachers Evonnee, Josie, Amy, Miss Cobbold – ably assisted by Sara, Cj & Courtney. 

As I continued to film throughout the day, every class impressed and amazed me. 

I was so bowled over with how well they had done that when I looked at the footage I realised that I had to put the footage together as a Virtual Open Day. 

We are using this as publicity for our school, which has certainly taken a considerable hit from Covid. But actually this footage was filmed for YOU. Our wonderful parents. 

I know what you go through to get your kids in front of Zoom on time each week. How it impacts your lives having classes happen in your living spaces.  I know what sacrifices you make when times are incredibly tough to still provide the means for your children to attend SOTA.  I know how much your brain aches when we challenge the kids to film a self tape project at home, when you are the ones who have to try and work out the technology and work out how to upload it. I know all of that. I see you. 

So I filmed this for you. To show you how amazingly your children are doing. And to show you how all our hard work is worth it. These wonderful children deserve everything we can possibly give them. Hope for their futures. Skills to build them. 

This is my gift to you. To say thank you for the privilege of teaching your children. It truly is an honour. 

With heartfelt thanks, 


Juliette Caton