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🌟 Unleash Your Child’s Performance Potential this September at SOTA SCHOOL! 🌟

Attention parents of aspiring performers!

SOTA SCHOOL is thrilled to introduce our outstanding program catered to 6-18 year olds. With a focus on dance, singing, drama & musical theatre, we provide a creative and engaging environment where your child can develop their skills and shine on stage.

🎭 Ignite Creativity and Build Confidence! 🎶

At SOTA SCHOOL, we believe in nurturing young talents and fostering their creative growth. Through our carefully designed curriculum led by industry professionals, your child will work in three age groups, embarking on exciting performance projects that enhance their confidence, creative expression, and performance skills. Watch them blossom into confident, versatile performers!

🏰 Available at SOTA Reading, SOTA Bracknell & SOTA Windsor! 🌟

📚 Book a Sample Session today! 📆

Curious for your child to experience the magic of SOTA SCHOOL first hand? We invite you to book a sample session to see your child’s skills flourish, their creativity soar, and their passion ignite as they embark on this incredible creative journey.

🎉 Unlock Your Child’s Creative Potential Today & Reserve your place NOW! Limited places! 🌟