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The SOTA Lockdown Creative Challenge!

4 years ago

We are incredibly excited to be launching The SOTA Lockdown Creative Challenge!

Whilst we are on lockdown, we want to challenge you creatively.

We are giving you an amazing opportunity to use this time to get creative, develop your choreography, singing and acting skills and to showcase your talents to some incredible industry professionals.

All of the creative challenges have something to do with themes we are all experiencing during this extraordinary time. Artists use the world around them to explore and create meaningful pieces of creative work. We want to encourage you to use themes like social distancing, self-isolation, lockdown, heroes working on the front-line, kindness in the community, what it’s like to live through a pandemic and personal freedom to create your pieces – and of course all the pieces you create will have been created during lockdown.

There are three challenges to enter and you can enter as many as you like!

The Choreography Challenge: choreograph your own dance exploring themes of lockdown, isolation and dreams of freedom.

The Singers Challenge: film yourself singing a song of your choice during lockdown that showcases your vocal talents.

The Actors Challenge: write and act to camera a monologue that explores or is inspired by an aspect of  living through this pandemic.


Adjudicated by Ex-West End performer and Co-Director of Read College Helen Read and Composer, Producer and Filmmaker, Tim Arnold.

Is Dance your thing? This is the challenge for you!

Your challenge:

Choreograph your own dance that expresses and explores elements of isolation, lockdown, the spread of a virus or dreams of freedom – to an amazing piece of music we have chosen for you.

The piece of music is a beautiful piece of music called ‘The Fall of a Sparrow’ and is written by the amazing songwriter and film maker, Tim Arnold.

Listen to the piece of music:



How long should my piece be?

We would like you to choreograph up to 2m 38s of the piece.

Does it have to be all my own original work?

Yes. We want you to be as creative as possible and create your very own piece.


Adjudicated by ‘The Voice’ Vocal Coach, Jai Ramage.

Do you love singing? This is the challenge for you!

Your Challenge:

Video yourself performing a song you have sung and recorded whilst in self isolation. If you can find a song that connects in some way to the experience of being in lock down or self isolating then great, but most importantly, we want you to showcase your vocal talents.

How long does it have to be? 

Between 2 and 3 minutes is a good length.

Can I write my own song?

YES! Absolutely! You can also use a song that’s written by someone else.


Adjudicated by our Patron, Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings actor – Dominic Monaghan.

Is acting your passion? Then this is your challenge!

Your Challenge:

To write and deliver a monologue to camera, inspired by a character who is facing an aspect of the Covid-19 virus, self-isolation, or lockdown.

It can be tragic, hilarious, thought provoking – the world of this pandemic is your oyster.

Be as creative as you can!

How old should I be to enter The SOTA Lockdown Creative Challenge?

We have two age categories for each challenge.

Junior Creatives – Aged 6-10 years.

Senior Creatives – Aged 11-18 years.


Do I have to be a SOTA pupil to enter?

No. This challenge is open to all.


How long do I have to create my piece?

About three weeks. We would like all submissions to be sent to us by Fri 8th May.


How do I submit my pieces?

We would like you to use WeTransfer to send your video to us – It’s free and easy to use. Making sure that you instruct We Transfer to send your pieces to sotacreativechalllenge@gmail.com.


Are there ‘prizes’?

This isn’t a competition. It’s a challenge. An opportunity to be creative and to use the world around you to inspire your creativity and artistry and to share that creativity with the world.

Everyone who enters the challenge will receive a special certificate of participation.

We will be giving other awards for each challenge where the panelists feel there has been particularly outstanding work.


What will happen with my entry?

Entires will be submitted to us by Fri 8th May.

We will share entries on our website and across our social media platforms to showcase your talents, during the week of Mon 18th May to Sunday 24th May.

Pieces will be appraised by our amazing panel.

We will announce awards of special mention on Fri 29th May.

In the coming days we will be releasing lots of hints, tips, useful things to think about when creating your pieces and also some special messages from your adjudicators to inspire you.

But for now – have a think about which of the challenges you are inspired by and start putting together your ideas.