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It’s time to Celebrate!

9 years ago

A decade is a long time. School Of The Arts opened it’s doors (to 8 children) in 2005. And much has changed. Our values and guiding principles have not. They were the same then as they are now; to deliver an outstanding training in the three disciplines of the performing arts. To nurture talent. To develop creativity. To encourage commitment.

During the ten years that we have dedicated ourselves to that end we have seen children grow from babes in arms who came to drop off an older sibling into children who are now gracing the stage themselves. We have seen children who began with us aged 9, 10, 11 and 12 who are now in full time training at the world’s most prestigious dance, drama, musical theatre and voice conservatoires. And many who have graduated and are now working in the industry. An industry that 10 years ago they dreamed of working in.

It’s amazing to be in the business of giving young people the skills to make their dreams a reality. But it doesn’t always have to be about that either. So many pupils return to us saying ‘everything you taught me has really helped me get to where I am now”. It makes me quite emotional to think of all the wonderful young lives we have in some way supported, touched, encouraged and it will be a wonderful occasion to celebrate all that we have mutually achieved, staff and pupils in our forthcoming show – aptly titled “Celebrate!”.

If you are a past pupil, supporter or parent who is reading this – we especially hope that you will be there with us on 29th or 30th May to share in what has been the most wonderful decade. We’ve worked, sweated, laughed, wept, blistered, bruised, practised, fallen over, got back up again, learnt, dreamt and achieved. Let’s enjoy that and let’s share it!

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