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Audrey’s Top Secret Acting Role

2 years ago

Audrey in the makeup and hair chair

SOTA pupil, Audrey, who takes acting, singing, musical theatre, modern, tap, commercial and ballet classes at SOTA Reading has spent her Summer Holidays filming a very exciting acting role. We asked her a few questions about it for you…

How did you get to hear about the audition for the role?

An agent came to SOTA one Saturday and I signed up to her agency. Her job is to send my photo and details to casting directors for roles that could suit me.

For those who have never had to do an acting audition before, can you tell us what you had to do?

There were three rounds of auditions. The first was a ’self-tape’ which is a video you record at home. You act out a couple of scenes that the casting director emails (with one of my parents off-screen reading in for the other characters). The second stage was in London meeting the director, producer and casting director and performing additional scenes for them. The third and final stage was a long day in London for what is called a chemistry read. They bring together all the actors they are considering for roles and spend the day trying out different combinations of actors until they know who they want to cast. It was a busy and exciting day. I like meeting new people so it was not too nerve-wracking.

Audrey on set, strapped into a stunt harness.

What has been your favourite thing about filming so far?

I have loved EVERYTHING about filming. It is all so exciting. We are filming on location at a castle in the countryside and it feels like the best summer holiday ever. My favourite thing is the people. The other cast and crew are all kind, funny and very interesting people. The catering team know what I want for breakfast every day and get it ready when they see me coming. Hair and make-up have done some really nice styles for me. And the adult cast organise games for the kids on our days off and make me laugh all the time.

The role is currently top secret… do you find it tricky keeping secret what you are filming?

It is fine to keep it a secret. I get to tell my mum, dad and brother everything but no-one else. My friends are busy with their summer holidays and are happy just to talk about what they are up to. I am already keeping a cool secret about something I filmed in May 2021 that I have to keep quiet until April 2023!


It was lovely to see Audrey, back in the studios at SOTA Reading on Saturday, working hard as usual. We can’t wait to see her latest acting role when it is launched and we’ll be sure to let you know when it is.