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I LOVE SOTA SQHere we share some of the praise we have received for our teaching, courses, shows and the positive impact we have had on our pupils.

Praise for our teaching and the positive impact we have had on our pupils

“Allie’s gaining so very much from being part of SOTA. Due to SOTA she is developing her identity as a performer and feels capable and skilled. It’s huge for her and I’m so grateful to you for giving her these opportunities.” Elizabeth Hodgkinson

“We want to thank you and your staff for all the good work you are doing and the difference you have made in Fael’s life.” Mr & Mrs Oculi-Dinal

Lorna has really enjoyed SOTA and it has made a real difference to her confidence and to the way she uses her body. She would be doing less well at synchro if it wasn’t for all the dance and performance training. Many thanks from Lorna and myself. (N Green)

“It has been amazing to see the transformation in Kallie since joining SOTA – especially in her singing and acting – and we are so grateful for the hardwork, time and commitment that you and all the tutors put into each child, not to mention all of the volunteers who work to enable SOTA to attend Sadlers Wells and to put on the SOTA Show.” Karen Lewis & Paul Austin (Kallie secured a place in full time training at Read Dance & Theatre College.)

“Juliette, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you’ve done and all the effort you put in to make SOTA such a rewarding experience. I have really enjoyed my time with the company and I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to perform at Sadler’s Wells. I will miss it a lot!” Claire xoxo

“I can’t tell you what SOTA has done for her confidence and how much she loves it.” Sharon Bowell, Parent.

“I thank you, Michelle, Sophie, Phil and all of your team for all that you have done for Tom.” Simon Longhurst, Parent.”

“A true inspiration! I came to SOTA a year ago, not knowing what to expect and I was automatically invited to a friendly, exciting, talented environment; where you’ve taught children how to perform, moreover how it feels to be treated like adults, giving everyone opportunities. I will be sad to leave and will miss everyone there.” Jess Canning, Pupil.

“Jess has really blossomed since being at SOTA. There have been huge improvements in her dance, drama and voice. Thanks for all the advice for keeping her voice in good shape! Her singing has improved dramatically!” Bernadette Canning, Parent.

I just wanted to pass on some feedback we received about Akshay, to you. On Sunday, Akshay had an oppportunity to meet up with a casting director who is currently recruiting for a feature film. He did a piece from Oliver Twist (from Lamda) and also a song (he had 2 minutes to do both). Please find below excellent feedback. The feedback reflects very positively on SOTA , as lots of what Akshay has learnt has been taught in SOTA. I thank you, Michelle, Sophie and all your guest teachers for your excellence in moulding him.” Apanna Nugent, Parent.

“Your continued enthusiasm and support for the children within the SOTA community is truly admirable and is to be
commended.” Mark Dickens, Parent

“I wanted you to know that I think your school is fabulous.” Karen Goodison, Parent.

“I started S.O.T.A a year ago and have really learnt a lot from it, I go on Saturday mornings for 3 hours and in that time I get taught drama, singing and dancing from Juliette, Sophie, and Michelle who all make it really interesting and fun. S.O.T.A has helped me to gain a lot of confidence and to improve on things that I needed to improve on. Its a very friendly place which I enjoy going to, and I LOVE IT!!!!!” Poppy Cleall, SOTA Pupil (13).

“Sammy and Daniel have really developed confidence and skills in performing arts thanks to you. ” Mandy Graham, Parent.

“This [result] is really good and Gemma is very pleased – and so am I! Thank you for your support in helping Gemma get this result.” Anna Davey, Parent.

“The teachers at SOTA give you loads of amazing support and advice.” SOTA pupil feedback from Course Feedback Sheet.

“Of all the performing arts schools my daughter has been to, I have found this to be the friendliest and least ‘cliquey’. My daughter had lost most of her confidence but since she joined SOTA I can see a renewed enthusiasm in all aspects of her life and I know that this has stemmed from SOTA” Jennifer Zoma, Parent.

“SOTA has become such a huge part of my life and I will always treasure every bit of it. I wanted to thank you for all the lessons that I have loved and enjoyed every second of, and learnt a great deal from too” Sophie Bowell, pupil.

“SOTA has made me realise how much confidence I have, deep down.” SOTA pupil feeedback from Course Feedback Sheet.


Praise for our shows

Dear Juliette,

I’d like to send on my HUGE congratulations to the while of the SOTA Team, teachers, theatre production staff & helpers/chaperones and especially the children/young people on a job well done!

Saturdays ‘Bollywood to Broadway’ production was an outstanding performance by some very very talented children & young people and both yourself & the whole of the SOTA family should feel immensely proud of their achievements (as it is very well deserved).

As a proud father, watching his son give his all to something he loves doing can not be underestimated and seeing the older school members produce such outstanding and polished routines is both a reassurance that he is learning from the best and highlights the schools high attributes as the number one school for performing arts.

There were so many amazing performances on the day, but special praise must go to Catherine Mitchell’s outstanding solo dance – which was not only very well choreographed but executed flawlessly! A very special talent!

I very much look forward to the next instalment of SOTA productions…

Kind regards
Chris (Alex Murray’s dad)

Just wanted to say thank you to you Juliette and SOTA, that includes everyone else involved in the ‘background’. Thank you for giving our children this brilliant experience (and us the opportunity to see what they’re up to on Saturdays) and for all the work you do all year x Mrs Allen

It was an absolutely amazing show well done to each and everyone of you. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Mrs Rockall.

“We had the in-laws down this weekend and were searching for something to take them to. So when we saw the notice that “Broadway to Bollywood” was on at South Hill Park we thought we’d give it a go – we knew it wasn’t going to be a professional London cast but we thought it’s good to support a local theatre. However, I have to admit we didn’t know this was a “children’s show” and when we turned up on the night and found this was the case our hearts sank … “We’ll struggle through to the interval we thought and then go to the pub!!!!”.

BUT WE NEVER MADE IT TO THE PUB!!!! From the start we were captivated by the performance. Great energy, huge enthusiasm and some really impressive talent. Brilliant. As impressive as the performers was the stage management – no gaps, no announcements, just a seamless sequence of really enjoyable acts – and the little Indian (we think) girl with the cheeky personality had us all smiling. (That’s definitely going to be Rachana then! – JC).

So I hope you take this in the spirit it’s intended … A lot of the audience will have been proud mums and dads and other family (we know this – we did it with our daughter years ago) but here’s a rave review from a totally independent set of critics who were completely won over by the performers and the show.

Well done

Steve & Lynette

“Just wanted to say what a wonderful show it was yesterday – we all enjoyed it very much. My aunt who is 91 came from Devon to see it as she enjoyed the show so much last year. It truly surpassed all our expectations and was a great evening – my feet are still tapping. The staff and all involved in teaching at SOTA Windsor should be so proud of their teaching ability – they only get to nurture their pupils for 3 hours a week and yet managed to pull off a show that was more like a west end production!” Jan Robertson

Thank you so much. We are so very happy Hope choose to join SOTA and long may it continue.”I just thought I’d let you know how brilliant we thought Sunday’s performance was. I knew what to expect, but my sister was emotionally overwhelmed by the experience, and my mother (who goes to the theatre roughly once a week) says it’s the greatest concentration of talent she’s ever seen in one show. Thea is still bouncing on the high – and has spent this week exploring great dancers from history …” Tom Skelcher

“We loved the Saddler’s Wells show today and were so very impressed with the SOTA dances. Thank you to you and to the choreographers and all your team – it was great to watch and – for Isabel – a brilliant experience to be part of. Thank you to you all.” Kate Irvine

Praise for our courses

“The best thing about this course was the individual attention. Each lesson works on invaluable skills to use in auditions. The voice work was priceless. I find myself applying it now in everything I do. Be prepared to work hard because Michelle, Juliette and Sophie get the best out of you. I got recalls for Guildford, Central, Mountview, Royal Welsh and East 15. I am proud to say that in September I started a BA (Hons) Degree in Acting at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts with a full DADA award.” – George House, Audition Prep Course participant.

“A very professional team that encourages the relevant talents in youngsters.” Parental Feedback.

“I would highly recommend this course. It builds your confidence in auditioning for musical theatre colleges and drama schools. I found the feedback from the mock audition sessions especially helpful. I have just been accepted at Guildford School Of Acting with a full scholarship.” – Jennifer Simmonds, Audition Prep Course participant.

“I am very impressed by my daughters progress in 3 terms. The Summer Course was also of a very high standard and was greatly enjoyed. She still talks about it! The teaching staff are lovely and hardworking.” Nancy Badoo, Parent.

“This course helped me to walk into my audition with the right attitude. I felt more confident with everything I was about to face. I went on to win a full scholarship at Tiffany’s Performing Arts College.” – James Simpson, Audition Prep Course participant.

“Thank you for letting me assist on your course. I wish I had been given the opportunities, advice and experience you are giving these young actors when I was their age. It’s so valuable.” – Ben Ashton, graduating student, Bristol Old Vic.”