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Privacy Policy


New EU regulations known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR places significant additional responsibilities, over and above those defined in the Data Protection Act 1998, on those who collect and process personal data to ensure that providers of personal data understand the lawful basis for the collection and processing of their data. The document which explains this basis is known as a ‘Privacy Policy’.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how SOTA uses and protects any information collected when you use our website.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Any personal information which you can be identified with when using this website, will only be used in accordance to this privacy statement.

We may update this policy when required, please ensure to check this page frequently to make sure you are happy with our changes. This policy is effective from 25th May 2018.

What we collect

Information you give us. 

When you register a student for classes, we will store personal information such as a name, postal address, date of birth, email addresses and telephone numbers. We will keep a record of the classes the student is enrolled in and other transaction details relating directly to the student

Information given to us by 3rd parties. 

hen the student takes an examination, a 3rd party examining board will send us the students results, which we keep on record.

Sensitive personal data. 

Data Protection Law recognises that certain categories of personal information are more sensitive such as health information. We will collect medical information such as allergies, mental health or physical limitations that relates to the care and needs of the student within our classes.

We only collect data that is relevant to us.

Should you sign up to SOTA, we will collect the following information

Parent name
Childs name & gender,
Your email address
Telephone contact number
Your child’s DOB and school year
Your child’s medical and allergy conditions (if needed)
Your postcode and local Council

Your rights regarding your personal data

Under GDPR (as with previous Data Protection legislation) all individuals associated with SOTA have the right to:

1. Access their own personal data easily.
2. Have their own personal data rectified/updated upon request.
3. Have their own personal data removed.
4. Restrict any processing of their own personal data.
5. Move their own personal data
6. Object to their own personal data being used.

What we use data for

SOTA uses personal information through a booking form to contact parents when signing up children for classes, workshops or free trials.

To maintain relationships with alumni of the schools
To give notification of events
To place photographic and video images of staff, alumni and pupils for marketing and archive purposes and retaining them for historical purposes
For storing of emails and other communications to ensure we are able to tailer our information
For the promotions of services and benefits available to students and parents


SOTA ensures to keep all information up to date. Should circumstances or information change, you have the right to ask for old information to be removed or updated.

Storage and use of Personal Information

Any paper copies of children and staff personal information is kept in a locked filing cabinet at the SOTA office. Staff will be informed of medical or personal information on a need to know basis. Access to all office computers is password protected and is only accessible to the Directors and administrative staff of the company.

Who do we pass information on to?

SOTA will only pass on data information to:

  1. Our Staff on a need to know basis
  2. Chaperones who are in care of the pupils
  3. Local Authorities to ensure children can be licensed for any of our performances
  4. Examination Centres such as LAMDA, ISTD & RAD to ensure pupils can be entered for exams.
  5. Organisers of shows such as Mardi Gras to ensure children can be licensed for any of their performances and can be included in their programmes
  6. Theatres that our pupils perform in for Stage Door Safety Sign In and Out Sheets
How long we store data

Any images or video footage taken during your time with SOTA will be stored on a password protected computer. This will be kept indefinitely, unless specified from you to be erased. Some images may be used for promotional purposes.

How Can We Update or remove our data?

Send us an email to enrol@sota.uk.com to request that you unsubscribe.

How can you access the data you store about us?

Please email us at enrol@sota.uk.com and we will provide you with a copy of the data we hold about you/your child.


Our company database is held by Google Sheets, Really Simple Systems and Kashflow and our emails and contact sheets on a password protected computer. SOTA works hard towards ensuring that your personal information is safe and secured.

Our GDPR Compliance

SOTA will:

  • Appoint a Data Controller responsible for implementation of this Policy.
  • Provide to view online the GPDR Privacy Notice explaining why data is being collected and what will be done with it.
  • Ensure that all new students/parents positively ‘opt in’ to their data being collected.
  • Ensure that electronically-held personal data is password-protected and all paper documents are contained in a locked box or file.
  • Retain relevant, non-sensitive data indefinitely for the sole purpose of maintaining a historical record.
  • Remove sensitive data 2 years after a student has left the school.
  • Remove financial data 7 years after a student has left the school in accordance with HMRC.
  • Only collect personal data that is necessary for the running of the School and the safety of the student.
Owner & Data Controller

Director of SOTA,

Juliette Caton

75 Southcote Lane, Reading, RG30 3AQ.