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A first look at our new ‘SUSTAINABLY SOTA’ Uniform Range

As the Summer Holidays kicked in, the heat rose and we found ourselves in a drought caused by Global Warming, I knew it was essential I did everything I could to pull out all the stops to swiftly improve the impact our SOTA Uniform production has on the planet in double quick time. My criteria was demanding. I needed to source uniform for our acting, singing and dancing pupils that is:

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Produced using sustainable solar and wind energy
  • Shipped to our customer in packaging made from plants not plastic
  • With the option of next day delivery and hassle free returns.

And I am incredibly proud to say that’s exactly what we now have: The Sustainably SOTA Uniform Range.

At SOTA, pupils can now attend their acting, singing and dancing classes wearing their SUSTAINABLY SOTA Uniform with pride and together we can be proud that we’re minimising the impact we have on the planet our children will inherit.

But what about uniform that your child has grown out of? Well, I’ve thought about that too. We now have two solutions:

1. Uniform no longer fits? Use the SUSTAINABLY SOTA SECONDS FACEBOOK GROUP!

I have set up the ‘Sustainably SOTA Seconds Facebook Group’ for the free exchange and re-sale of good and excellent quality SOTA Uniform.

2. SUSTAINABLY SOTA Uniform is no longer fit to be worn? Return it direct to our Factory and receive £5 against your replacement item!

Our new SUSTAINABLY SOTA Uniform Range is part of a ‘circle economy’. In a circular economy, products are designed from the start to be remade. That means materials flow back to the maker and the new product is made from the old product. It is different from recycling, or up-cycling, where material is turned into something different before it is then thrown away. A circular economy is infinite because by design the material flows in a loop.

This means every SUSTAINABLY SOTA Uniform Garment we make is designed to be sent back to the producing factory once it has been worn out. There is a QR code on every wash care label which takes you to our factory’s circular economy page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to receive your returns label for sending items back to be remade into brand new SOTA Uniform items. You’ll be sent a £5 discount code for each item you return. To make the economics of recycling work, right now it’s only possible to use one code per order.

We really do care about the planet. And we are putting our words into ACTIONS.

Why Uniform Is Important

All pupils are required to arrive looking well groomed and wearing SOTA uniform. We often have visiting professionals / agents and casting directors and it is important that pupils are well presented. Children’s young bodies are vulnerable to injury and we take the health and safety of our students very seriously.
SOTA Basic Uniform 
(All costs are size dependent)
Jazz Shoes 
Our jazz shoes are made out of soft, supportive leather with a split sole and a suede and rubber sole. They are important because they allow flexibilty of the foot, enabling your child to learn how to use his feet correctly. This helps him to jump correctly and to land safetly, otherwise knee and back injuries are possible. The soles have enough give so that your child can move and dance freely whilst they also provide enough grip to prevent slipping. Our chosen brand of jazz shoe has no laces,  removing both the risk of children tripping on laces and the necessity for staff to waste valuable teaching time constantly doing up laces.
SOTA T-shirt & Sweatshirts
SOTA T shirts ensure our pupils can move easily and safely whilst being easily identifiable by staff and the public. This last point is essential for child safety given that two of our schools are run in venues also open to members of the public.


SOTA Leotard / Boys Dance Tops
Tap Shoes & Ballet Shoes
Ballet tights
Modern & Tap black footless tights

When you need to order your SOTA uniform please visit www.sotastore.co.uk to order your SUSTAINABLY SOTA Sweatshirt and SUSTAINABLY SOTA T-Shirt. Please provide your own plain black (no branding) leggings or joggers.

We supply Jazz Shoes, ballet shoes, tap shoes, leotards and tights and fit them at class for you. To order these please text me your Child’s street shoe size to 07881638783.