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Behaviour Policy


School Of The Arts (SOTA) Behaviour Policy

School Ethos

School Of The Arts (SOTA) is a place where all individuals are respected and their individuality valued, where pupils are expected to achieve to the best of their ability, where self-discipline is promoted and where good behavior is the norm.

SOTA exists for the benefit of its pupils. All pupils, staff, parents and others associated with the school are required to work together in a spirit of co-operation and understanding. Pupils are actively encouraged to fulfil their potential academically, in dance, singing or drama or any of the other school activities. Pupils are expected to relate well and to behave considerately towards others. We live in a society where social skills are vital to our well being, and learning to interact with others is therefore a critical part of education. Pupils are reminded of the importance of respecting others, whether inside or outside school. Selfish actions are therefore to be discouraged, whether these actions are of a minor nature (e.g. dropping litter or pushing in a queue) or of a major nature (e.g. fighting, bullying, vandalism or theft).

The maintenance of good discipline is of paramount importance for the growth, welfare and development of pupils. Pupils should be given clear expectations, effective pastoral support and opportunities to build good social relationships. These aims are backed up by a system of rewards and where necessary appropriate sanctions.

It is the responsibility of all teaching staff to ensure that the school’s policies and code of conduct are applied fairly and consistently, without regard to race, gender or seniority and should be consistent from person to person and from occasion to occasion as far as is possible given that each case is reviewed on its merits. It is the duty of all associated with the school to have high expectations and to strive to uphold our reputation.

In addition we have well-defined policies towards particular areas of behaviour. The following guidelines are not exhaustive. Sanctions will be at a level that reflects the severity of the offence, the possible influence on others and the maturity of the pupil.

It cannot be over-stressed that the best way to ensure the highest standards in both behaviour and work is to create a positive ethos where the self-confidence and self-esteem of pupils is promoted by regular praise, congratulation and affirmation. A school culture which is dominated by a mutual respect between pupils and between staff and pupils will lead not only to harmonious relationships but also to the fulfilment of the pupils potential both artistically and socially.

SOTA Policies and Standards

The school places the highest possible premium on three broad values:

  1. Respect for Others

This is fundamental to all that goes on at SOTA.

Expectations of behavior towards others:


• Staff, Parents and Pupils are expected to respect each other

• Polite, courteous behave is expected at all times

• Being kind, thoughtful and caring are qualities which are appreciated and valued

• Common courtesies such as holding doors for each other, helping each other and listening generously to each other are appreciated

Any actions, words or attitudes that show a lack of respect for others will be taken very seriously.

In particular:

• Disruption: which shows a lack of respect for both the teacher and other pupils will be dealt with firmly.

• Relationships: Public displays of intimacy are not acceptable at SOTA as they can be embarrassing and draw unnecessary attention to those involved.

• Bullying: We seek to nurture a culture in which all pupils are valued as people. Any instances of bullying will be dealt with firmly and sensitively. We have an agreed anti-bullying policy. Our aim is to prevent bullying in any form. This requires pupils to avoid any deliberate unkindness to another member of the community. It also requires anyone made aware of any such behaviour to report it. The School is prepared to offer help and support to any pupil but bullying will not be tolerated. Anyone who continues to bully will have their membership of the school community reviewed by the Director of SOTA Schools as per our Anti-Bullying Policy.

2. Respect for Property

We are concerned with engendering a culture in which property and premises are respected by all.

Pupils should do all they can to minimise the possibility of theft and vandalism by not bringing valuables or significant amounts of money to SOTA. If it is ever necessary to do so, they should be handed into their SOTA School Principal for safe-keeping. All clothing and equipment should be clearly named.

Theft: If theft is detected pupils must expect to be either suspended or expelled from SOTA.

Vandalism: Any damage (which includes graffiti) to someone else’s property be it a fellow pupil’s, a teacher’s, the school’s property or a venue that SOTA is hiring will be taken very seriously. Not only will the damage have to be paid for, but a vandal must expect to be suspended or expelled.

3. Respect for Self

As a school we want all our pupils to have respect for themselves.

The School

SOTA is your School; respect it and be proud of it. Do all you can to make SOTA a school in which all are treated courteously and are happy; where hard work is honoured, and artistic endeavour promoted. Remember that if you act in ways which harm the reputation of SOTA, you harm yourself, your friends and all members of the SOTA community.

All SOTA pupils and staff should be familiar with the School Policies and Standards. In addition the following are specified as a practical expression for others, and are intended to make life easier for everyone.

1. Be polite and show respect to all members of the SOTA community and to visitors to the School.

2. Move about SOTA in a quiet and orderly manner and walk, not run, in corridors and on staircases.

3. Make every effort to keep the premises and locality tidy. Litter must not be dropped in the grounds, buildings or on the way to and from SOTA.

4. Ensure that all clothing, SOTA uniform, dance-wear and personal possessions are clearly marked with your name.

5. The chewing of gum is not permitted.

6. Arrive promptly to SOTA so that classes may commence on time and the SOTA day can run smoothly.

Class Code Of Conduct

We have the right to learn.

This means that everybody should:

• arrive on time

• listen to instructions

• bring the proper equipment

• not disrupt lessons

• not interfere with the work of others

• not interrupt when others are speaking

• do his or her homework or home practise

We all have the right to be treated fairly

This means that everybody should:

• be considerate

• not make racist or sexist comments

• not swear or name call

• respect each other’s belongings

• not fight or bully

We all have the right to work in a clean and attractive environment

This means that everybody should:

• not drop litter

• not chew in the classroom

• not vandalise

• wear the correct uniform

We all have the right to be safe.

This means that everybody should:

• use equipment properly

• not run or push

• not act dangerously

Class Code

All Students Must/Will:

• arrive on time and organise yourselves in the studio or class in an appropriate manner

• listen carefully to instructions.

• complete all tasks that the teacher has set in an appropriate way. The instructions for the activity must always be followed carefully.

• listen and be attentive whenever the teacher is instructing/explaining/talking.

• listen and be attentive whenever a fellow pupil has been asked to contribute/make an observation/explain something. We will all follow common courtesy and listen to each other.

• seek the teacher’s permission to contribute to class discussion by raising his/her hand.

• note that swearing will not be tolerated.

• ensure that all work spaces must be left neat and tidy at the end of every class. All pupils will need to check the state of the room at the end of each lesson.

• dress in the appropriate uniform.


• Racist, sexist and other offensive language and behaviour is not tolerated at SOTA. Where incidences of unacceptable behaviour do occur, by either child or parent, SOTA reserves the right to terminate membership without notice, the final decision being undertaken by the Director Of SOTA, Juliette Caton. There will be no refund given as a result of these actions.

• Pupils who regularly disrupt class will be issued with a warning letter. The parents may then be called in to discuss the child’s behaviour. If there is no improvement after the second warning letter has been issued, and if no serious extenuating circumstances can be found, the child will be asked to leave SOTA.

• Parents or Pupils who are rude to staff, disrupt classes, cause disturbances, or wilfully obstruct the enforcement of these Conditions of Attendance may have their or their child’s attendance terminated, with no recourse for a refund of fees paid or due to be paid.

• Parents and pupils are encouraged to discuss any concerns or complaints with their SOTA

School Principal or the Director of SOTA Schools, Juliette Caton, who will direct them according to our Behaviour, Child Protection & Anti Bullying Policies.