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Why Uniform Is Important
All pupils are required to arrive looking well groomed and wearing SOTA uniform. We often have visiting professionals / agents and casting directors and it is important that pupils are well presented. Children’s young bodies are vulnerable to injury and we take the health and safety of our students very seriously.
SOTA Basic Uniform
Jazz Shoes – £22
Our jazz shoes are made out of soft, supportive leather with a split sole and a suede and rubber sole. They are important because they allow flexibilty of the foot, enabling your child to learn how to use his feet correctly. This helps him to jump correctly and to land safetly, otherwise knee and back injuries are possible. The soles have enough give so that your child can move and dance freely whilst they also provide enough grip to prevent slipping. Our chosen brand of jazz shoe has no laces,  removing both the risk of children tripping on laces and the necessity for staff to waste valuable teaching time constantly doing up laces.
Jazz Pants – £22
The Jazz Pants are a cotton lycra stretch yet fitted pant which gives your child the flexibility needed to learn to stretch and limber correctly. The fact that they are fitted to the knee allows the staff to observe that the students are bending and stretching their knees correctly which is essential for preventing injuries and teaching correct dance technique.
SOTA T-shirt – £16
SOTA T shirts and vest tops ensure our pupils can move easily and safetly whilst being easily identifiable by staff and the public. This last point is essential for child safety given that two of our schools are run in venues also open to members of the public.

SOTA Dance Uniform

SOTA Leotard / Boys Dance Tops – £16
Tap Shoes & Ballet Shoes – cost dependant on size
Ballet tights – cost dependant on size
Modern & Tap black footless tights – cost dependant on size
SOTA Hoody
SOTA Hoody – £30
SOTA Reading and SOTA Bracknell pupils please order your uniform on site where it will be fitted for you.
SOTA Windsor please order your uniform here. Jazz shoes will be fitted on site.